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Online Arrangement Form

Our online registration allows you to register your simple cremation services with The CremationCare Centre.  

Fill out the form below, ( you may leave the services blank that do not apply to your wishes), we will place the information in our files and send you a registration certificate. 

One of our councellors will contact you to verify the details for your file.

I. Biographical Information
Full Name:
City Name:
Postal Code:
Telephone Number: (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
Email Address:
Date of Birth: (month/day/year)
City of Birth:
Province of Birth:
Social Insurance Number: For security reasons, we will contact you to complete the pre-arrangement.
Father's First and Last Name:
Father's Place of Birth:
Mother's First and Maiden Name:
Mother's Place of Birth:
Spouse's Name:
Spouse's Maiden Name:
Next of Kin's Names and Cities of Residence
Relatives Who Have Preceded You In Death
Your Occupation: (Before Retirement)
Business Type:

II. Military Record
Branch of Service:
Serial Number:
Date Enlisted: (month/day/year)
Date of Discharge: (month/day/year)
Rank at Discharge:
Location of a Copy of Discharge:
Time of Military Service:
Military Honors at Graveside:
Flag Preference for Service:
Casket Preference:
Outer Container Preference: (for ground burial)
Cemetery Name:
Cemetery Location:
The cemetery property is in the name of:

Miscellaneous Notes and Instructions:

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