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Environmentally conscious urn options are available for a number of purposes. Be it scattering, burying or placing in water these urns are constructed from natural elements that will return to the earth.



Scattering Tubes
Scattering tubes available in a variety of themes including: Dove (41505), Rainbow (41506) and Sunset (41503). All measure 12 9/16" H x 5" D.
Manufacturer: Victoriaville
Product Number: 41505,41506,41503
Our Price $135.00

Heart Shaped Unity Urn
The Unity Urn has wildflower seeds embedded in the material that will bloom year after year when the urn is buried near the surface.

Adult- 8.5"W x 5 1/4 H x 8"D

Mini Unity Size available 5"W x 3"H x 4 3/4"D
Our Price $180.00

The Reflect Urn is made from biodegradable paper produced from the bark of the mulberry tree, and will break down over time when buried. The cremated remains are placed in a biodegradable plastic bag which is placed in the container.      

Adult- 8.5" W x 10"H
Our Price $228.00

Purity Earth Urn
The Purity Earth Urn is made from biodegradable paper, which will break down over a period of time once buried.

Adult- 8.5"W x 5 1/4 H x 8"D
Our Price $170.00

Journey Urn
The Journey Urn will float momentarily then sink. It will then break down naturally on the lake or ocean floor.

Adult- 12"H x 3"W
Our Price $175.00

Available in Purple (412OP) or Green (4120G)
Manufacturer: Eckels
Our Price $192.00


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