Pre Need

If you would like to make pre-arrangements, please contact us at or 416-255-0035.

What is Pre-Planning

Pre-planning is making cremation arrangements before a death occurs. This involves the following:

  • Providing the Funeral Home or Transfer Service with some basic information about yourself and next of kin.
  • Signing a contract for services.
  • Paying ahead of time (Optional)

What Are The Benefits Of Pre-planning?

There are a number of reasons that someone might pre-plan:

  • Arranging a cremation ahead of time to ease the burden on surviving family members.
  • Letting final wishes be known to family.
  • Securing the cost of cremation services against future inflation (if pre-paid).

What Happens To My Money If I Pre-pay?

Below are a few common points about what happens to pre-paid funds:

  • Prepaid funds are placed in trust.
  • Within the trust the money gains interest. This interest is used to overcome inflation.
  • Any interest gained in excess of inflation is returned to the family.
  • Optionally, additional interest can be used, untaxed, to pay for other funeral products such as urns.
  • If a Transfer Service or Funeral Home goes out of business, the funds are safe within the trust. They can be given back to the purchaser or transferred to another willing Transfer Service or Funeral Home.