10 Tips for Explaining Death to Children

By: Graeme Hogle
Monday, September 14, 2020

It is never easy to discuss death with anyone, least of all children. Most people tend to avoid having this conversation with their children. However, even young children need some clarity about what death is, if they have to deal with it in their family. Understanding this concept is a crucial aspect of a child's mental development.

Things to Keep in View

Here are some tips that you can keep in view while explaining death to your child:

  • You mustn't give your child a false idea of death. That will only confuse them if they ever have to deal with it later in their life. Explain things in clear terms; however, you can tone the concept down a bit. Children can understand these things, and they are quite resilient, so you do not have to worry about them being impacted by it.
  • When a child is very young, they struggle with understanding what death is all about, so explaining it to them cannot be easy. Sometimes parents say that the deceased person has become a star or gone to heaven because they do not want to traumatize a child with explaining things as they are.
  • While you need to judge what your child would understand and digest without getting agitated, it is best not to sugarcoat things t to a great extent. Older children can understand that; however, you must consider discussing it with them as well.
  • Always use the right terms when you are discussing death with a child. Choose your words carefully whenever you are talking about this topic. Do not use terms such as 'gone on vacation' or 'long sleep' etc. These are the terms you must avoid, as it gives them an impression that the person will return.

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