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Obituary of Ambrose Cecil Joe


Ambrose Cecil Joe (lovingly called Brosie), was born on the 21st of the 11th month 1949 the 11th child and 3rd son of the Late Anthony and Catherine Joe.

Ambrose was truly a God blessed soul, as indeed, his mother would say. In-spite of his heavy morning chores which he would complete with all diligence, he was never late for school and would never ever complain.

Ambrose manifested virtues rare in many – gentle, loving, respectful, kind, obedient, patient, contented, thankful and hardworking. There was never a murmur or complaint, no matter what he was asked to do. You did not have to remind him or ask him twice; nothing whatsoever was too hard for him to do. This character trait was a source of great concern to his mother and sister Veronica (with whom he shared an apartment for many years when he migrated to Canada and became a Canadian Citizen). Both saw that this nature could easily be taken advantage off by others and tried their best to ensure it did not happen.

His brother Neil remembers him as his closest brother, the most humble and quiet of the six boys in the family, always willing to undertake any task assigned by his parents and never ever seeing him angry. They played together, games such as pitch (marbles),flying kites, spinning tops which they made for themselves and made cages and caught birds. Ambrose took Neil many places when he twice visited Canada, one of the joys Neil remembers was watching the World Cup final between Italy and Brazil on a big screen in Toronto with him.

It was hard work on their father’s estate but Neil and Ambrose enjoyed working together picking Cocoa and Coffee and then enjoying the delicious citrus fruit and mangoes that the estate provided.

Ambrose did Computer Science while in Canada and also completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science. At home, church and at work, his dedication, commitment, humility and love in everything he was asked to do, was greatly appreciated, and admired.

His brother Ellis and sister Veronica remembers visiting and spending time with him in the summer of 1991 where we shared our newfound faith of salvation through the atoning sacrifice of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. A man of few words and deep humility, Ambrose later gave his life to Jesus Christ and became a member of the local Seventh Day Adventist Church.

We look forward to meeting our dear brother when Jesus comes to call forth the saints at the second coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Ambrose was the last surviving sibling in Canada.